There are many schools to chose from for a child with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder) or any other form of Learning Disability.  So what makes HOPE Ranch Learning Academy the BEST choice?
The use of animal assisted therapy has been proven to have benefits beyond traditional education methods.  By employing animal assisted therapeutic activities in the education curriculum of the child, as part of the school week, healing and learning happens exponentially as a result of this interaction.  We employ horses and dogs in our educational process to reap the benefits pointed out in the article below and personally experienced daily.
The science of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) has been around for a number of years.  In short, ABA is the science of comprehending and developing socially significant human behavior. A practitioner of ABA, a Behavior Analyst, will understand why certain behaviors are occurring in the environment and why other behaviors are absent. With this understanding, the Behavior Analyst will develop and implement a function-based behavior plan to remediate challenging behaviors and develop and strengthen socially appropriate alternative behaviors. For more significant skill development, ABA therapy is recommended.
HOPE Ranch Learning Academy (HRLA) uses a variety of educational curriculum designed for students with learning disabilities. Our educational philosophy is "student focused" rather than "teacher focused".  Our students receive individualized instruction through the utilization of all learning modalities (visual, auditory, and tactical).  Also, by testing academic competency at the beginning and the end of every academic year, we can quantify the actual progress. 
There is no doubt that the cost of education for learning disabled students is much higher than those of non-learning disabled students.  Ask any parent of an ASD child and they can easily understand this.  HOPE Ranch Learning Academy has designed its systems and services to minimize the parent out of pocket cost without compromising educational or service quality.  We do this by keeping our operating costs low, networking effectively with community heroes to provide some of our needs, and work with volunteers (which we fully train and background clear) to provide the most support to our kiddos and staff.  Additionally, we are certified to receive various school scholarship programs from the Florida Department of Education.  We also partner with lending providers in case parents need an extra financial support.